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Craigie Dodds  Writer/Producer

Studio The Dairy, South London

Craigie Dodds is an award winning, multi-platinum selling writer/producer. His work has featured on a number of films, TV shows and adverts.

Music showreel available on request.

Productions and Mixes

Petite MellerMilk Bath (album)Writer, Produced
Rizzle KicksHappy That You're Here (single) (from the album 'Roaring 20s')Produced#3 (album)
Stereotypical (album) (inc. Demolition Man)Writer, Produced#5 (album)
Superheroes (song) (from 'When I Was A Youngster')Writer, Produced
One EskimoFaster Than Turtles (album)Artist,Written,Produced
One Eskimo / All Balloons (album)Artist,Written,Produced
Tokio MyersNumber One (single)Produced
KanoMethod To The Maadness (album)Writer, Produced
Upside (featuring Michelle Breeze) (single)Writer, Produced
NattyMan Like I (album)Writer, Produced
Cold Town (single)Writer, Produced
July (single)Writer, Produced
Stephen FretwellEmily (single) (from the album 'Magpie')Produced
ClayClay (EP)Produced, mixed
GorillazStylo (Remix)Remixed
On Melancholy Hill (Remix)Remixed
LissieRecord Collector (from the album 'Catching A Tiger')Writer
Eliza DoolittleEliza Doolittle (album)Writer, Produced, Mixed#3
Rollerblades (single)Writer, Produced, Mixed
Leona LewisFireflies (from the album 'Glassheart')Written, Produced#3 (album)
Amy WinehouseWill You Still Love Me TomorrowProduced
Why Why PeachesAlbum & SingleArtist,Written,Produced
YasminBreakdown (song)Writer, Produced
Egyptian Nursery New Anthem (album) + 3 x #1 singlesArtist,Written,Produced
AppletonDon't Worry (single)Writer, Produced#5
Everything's Eventual (album)Writer, Produced#9
Noora NoorAll I Am (album) (inc. the single 'Zeros')Writer, Produced
Alice GoldBefore (song)Writer, Produced
SugababesAngels With Dirty Faces (album)Writer, Produced#2
Three (album)Writer, Produced#3
Shape (single)Writer, Produced
Aruba RedLight Up, Light Up (featuring Jah Cure)Writer, Produced
Miriam Makeba & ZenziMileleProduced
Thomas ChaukeShimatsatsa 16 (albums inc. singles)Programmed
Shimatsatsa 17 (albums inc. singles)Programmed
Paloma FaithSnake Eyes (song)Writer, Produced
Lisa MitchellNeopolitan Dreams (single) (from the Juno OST)Writer, Produced
Mutya BuenaBreakdown Motel (from the album 'Real Girl')Writer, Produced#10 (album)
Petite Meller - Milk BathRizzle Kicks - Happy That You're HereRizzle Kicks - Stereo TypicalRizzle Kicks - SuperheroesOne Eskimo - Faster Than TurtlesOne Eskimo - One EskimoTokio Myers - Number OneKano - Method To The MaaadnessKano Featuring Michelle Breeze - UpsideNatty - Man Like INatty - Cold TownNatty - JulyStephen Fretwell - EmilyGorillaz - Stylo (Remix)Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (Remix)Lissie - Record CollectorEliza Doolittle - Eliza DoolittleEliza Doolittle - RollerbladesLeona Lewis - FirefliesAmy Winehouse - Will You Still Love Me TomorrowYasmin - BreakdownEgyptian Nursery - New AnthemAppleton - Don't WorryAppleton - Everything's EventualNoora Noor - All I AmAlice Gold - BeforeSugababes - Angels With Dirty FacesSugababes - ThreeSugababes - ShapeAruba Red - Light Up, Light UpMiriam Makeba & Zenzi - MileleThomas Chauke - Shimatsatsa 16Thomas Chauke - Shimatsatsa 17Paloma Faith - Snake EyesLisa Mitchell - Neopolitan DreamsMutya Buena - Real Girl